EnviroNize Catholyte

Is the chemical equivalent of a caustic soda and has a pH around 11.5-13. It can frequently replace other alkaline agents, where caustic soda is found to be more effective, efficient and affordable. Used as a detergent or cleaning agent.

EnviroNize® Catholyte is a highly cost-effective detergent/cleaner as well as made using eco-friendly product ingredients.

EnviroNize® Catholyte does not have sterilizing properties, but can be used for flocculation (e.g. of heavy metals), coagulation, washing and extraction

EnviroNize® Catholyte can be used to wash wounds (instead of using iodine) and wherever there is a need to increase pH level of the water being treated

EnviroNize® Catholyte effectively removes Biofilm

Group Pic - Catholyte

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