Envirolyte® ECAS Sea Water Anolyte Generators

Designed and developed for the synthesis of washing, disinfecting, sterilizing and biologically active solutions. The applications for this technology are infinite and include any process requiring sterilization, disinfecting or water purification.

The environmental and ecological benefits only in terms of reduction in usage of chemicals is one of the prime factors for the use of Envirolyte® generator units from water purification and the many uses in the agricultural industry through to all major industries with waste water and water processing problems.

With our wide range of Envirolyte® Sea Water ECAS Generators, we have a solution to suit the needs of numerous industries for operations of all sizes. Our key industries include:

  • Water Systems- Treatment and/or Waste
  • Aquaculture
  • Healthcare/Medical
  • Cruise Ships
  • Hospitality/Entertainment
  • Offshore Applications
  • Natural Disaster
  • Limited access to and/or controlled fresh water environments

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From 40LPH – 6000LPH – ANK-Neutral Anolyte
*Catholyte if needed can be made available

Disinfection without Borders

The use of seawater as feed brine for Envirolyte® generators of activated (disinfecting and washing) solutions has always been a challenge and great temptation for the scientists and engineers of Envirolyte Industries International Ltd. The reasons for that are quote obvious: eliminating the need for any source of mains water and preparation of brine makes the Envirolyte® technology even simpler and more cost effective. Moreover, it moves the horizons for the use of the technology to the previously untouched areas of all type off shore/on board or/and aquaculture applications wherever there is a need for disinfection, sterilization and water purification.

The idea of the seawater to be used as the main and the only feed for Envirolyte® units lies in the chemistry of the sea water which is predominantly sodium chloride solution accompanied by some other salts. The concentration of sodium chloride is sufficient to generate the necessary volume of active chlorine to render disinfecting properties to the final product – anolyte generated purely out of seawater.

  EnviroNize - Sea Water Technology

Envirolyte® Sea Water generators opens up new horizons for the growth and exploration of Electrolyzed Water as the need for disinfection and water purification in the aquaculture industry and in off shore/on board operations continues to grow.

Designed to generate ANK-neutral Anolyte and Catholyte, if needed, out of the sea water with salinity ranging from 5-7 PSU (brackish water) to 33-35 PSU (ocean water), with active chlorine concentration in the range of 500 pm-1000 ppm.

  SW Data Logging  

Unmatched Benefits and Features

  • Full automation and easy operating procedures give the added benefits to rapid delivery of safe and fast acting disinfectant -ANK -neutral anolyte.
  • Active chlorine concentrations of ANK-neutral anolyte can be adjusted accordingly to meet customer requirements.
  • The control system is simple and easy to operate with fingertip controls to make adjustments as required in order to accommodate different applications and conditions.
  • The hydraulics is equipped with special Flow and Pressure Controllers to allow stopping and starting of the unit automatically should there be any interruption of the water supply.
  • The unit is equipped with a variable brine pump to ensure the unit maintains the required brine dosage at all times.
  • The outer unit casing is made using non-corrosive materials. All piping and connecting devices are made from EPDM/PVDF plastics which are highly resistant to aggressive solutions.
  • Output connectors are positioned on the side of the casing making wall-mounting most practical and preferred.
  • A simple on/off with a power indicator allows manual control of the power supply to the unit
  • Each SW unit is also equipped with level switches or an ORP meter enabling the unit to start and stop automatically. A reset switch has been added to allow re-starting the unit regardless of the level switches position.
  • Alarm systems and user alerts are built into each unit allowing the unit to be safely shut down automatically while alerting the user should the system detect any unusual activity.
  • Optional remote access and operation of the unit is made available via PC/Internet allowing remedying any potential problem from a control room at any location in the world where internet access is made available. Having remote access is a huge benefit to the user allowing complete monitoring of the unit.

Limitless Opportunities

No matter what the industry or use whether it be for a cruise ship, a shrimp or salmon farm, as a disinfection system needed as a result of a natural disaster which has caused a disinfection intervention, or a condition that exists where sea water is the only or key source of water supply, our Sea Water Envirolyte® technology and generators makes it all possible to have easy access to disinfection and water purification.

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