Chronic Toxicity


Independant Testing

Undertaken by Institute of Chemistry of Tallinn Technical University, Estonia.

Protocol of the Test


Results of the Experiments

The concentrations used for the chronic test were ‹ MIC for D. magna. The maximum mortality observed was 6,7% (that means that one animal of 15 died during the 21 days test in the test vessel). No mortalities and no immobility were observed in any other tests. So it can be concluded that there were no significant differences in D. magna 21-day mortality between the tested water and control. Calculations made for the reproduction test included only survivors.

Conclusion No significant differences were found in the reproduction of Daphnia magna in all tested media. The mortality of Daphnias in the tests was less than 10% for sample (only one Daphnia died during the experiments). There were no differences observed in the size and weight at the endpoint of experiments between Daphnia magna grown in the tested samples and the control.

The results of the current study showed clearly that for both anolyte medium and anolyte strong no chronic effects were observed.

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