Cells for Electrolysis

R20 ~20LPH R40 ~40LPH R80 ~80LPH R120 ~120LPH R200 ~200LPH R250 ~ 250LPH
R-20 Cell r40 r80 r120 r200 r250
R300 ~300LPH R400 ~400LPH R600 ~600LPH R1000 ~1000LPH R1200 ~1200LPH
r300 r400 r600 r1000 r1200

Output capacity of cells is indicated in terms of ANK-Neutral Anolyte with 500 ppm of active chlorine concentration ONLY or Acidic Anolyte (~500 ppm) and Catholyte ONLY at regulated ratio.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Output capacity of each individual cell can vary depending on the demand for active chlorine concentration and parameters (pH and ORP) of Anolyte.

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